MILD: visualized emotions 
is a zine made to reperesent people’s personal story of their experiences with certain emotions. With a creative solution of incorporating colors as the main idea, it is to help people identify different emotions based on their ‘percepted’ colors.

Colors are strong visuals. It could help people identify things or even feel a certain emotion. Colors are also sometimes used to describe people’s perception of certain emotions. Pink for Love, Blue for Sadness, Yellow for Happiness, and Red for Anger.  In this case, I try to communicate my ideas into creating a diary-inspired layout containing people’s story about their experiences with emotions. Showing two opposing colors, to demonstrate the 2 opposing emotions. The colored side demonstrates the story of the people who has succeeded/ has no struggle in expressing their set of emotions. Meanwhile the black side demonstrates the story of the people who has had trouble expressing their set of emotions, or the total opposite of the colored version.


Typography, Graphics, Editorial

+148 X 210mm
+14 pages
+Stapler bind